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ACT-909 -TANKLESS (Obsolete)

The ACT 909 replacement is the ACT E10. Visit the product page for more information.

The ACT-909 -TANKLESS is retrofit hot water circulation system designed for tankless water heating systems. The innovative product design provides a controlled hot water recirculation system for tankless water heaters. The benefits of tankless water heater systems are increased by adding the luxury and convenience of instant hot water at all fixtures in the home thus providing your customer with a true instant hot water system.

The ACT-909-TANKLESS is installed underneath the fixture farthest from the water heater where hot water takes the longest to arrive. The built-in temperature sensor regulates the system temperature and limits the length of time the tankless heater will be operating during the recirculation period. The system will maintain a constant temperature at all fixtures in the home providing the immediate availability of hot water at all fixtures. The built-in 24 hour timer also allows you to select the times of day that you wish to have the system cycle. The timer is programmable in ½ hour increments and multiple on/off settings can be programmed. When the pump is off, a built in auto closure device prevents any future mix of hot to cold or cold to hot water.

Features and Benefits

  • No return line required
  • Compact spherical motor design
  • Energy efficient
  • Silent operation
  • Built-in temperature control
  • Built-in 24 hour timer with multiple on/off settings
  • 6 foot power cord

Technical Brochures

    Installation/Operation Manuals